2016 Challenge Cup

Barry Strube Challenge Cup

Barry Strube became involved with the United Soccer League initially as a member of the America Soccer Club, later America-Kolping Soccer Club.  While serving these teams as a delegate to the league, he also served on numerous league committees.  He has been on the Board of Directors as League Treasurer for over a decade.  The United Soccer League is proud to name the 2016-17 Challenge Cup in his honor.


    • Teams must play a minimum of 3 matches to fully qualify and be eligible to play in the Championship match.  Top two teams from the qualified teams on May 31 play in the Championship Match.
    • Standings are based on Average Points per Game (some teams may play more than 3 games).
    • Tiebreakers Are:  1) Head to Head Game, 2) Goal Differential, 3) Total Goals Scored, 4) Away Goals Scored, 5) Playoff Between Teams Involved.
    • Download the Information Sheet HERE.

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