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West Chester United US Open Cup

Posted 2/24/2023 Ref # 175

Congrats Rob Oldfield

Congratulations to Rob Oldfield for being inducted into the Eastern Pennsylvania SA Hall of Fame.

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EPSA Frank Giancroce Memorial Open Cup

3/4/2023  1:00pm  at Bryn Athyn College   (FINAL)

West Chester Unitevs  United German Hungarians

Over-30 Norman S Inazu Memorial Cup

3/10/2023  at Bryn Athyn College
7:30pm  Philadelphia Legends vs Philadelphia SC
9:30pm  Parkwood vs Ukrainian Nationals

3/17/2023  at Bryn Athyn College
7:30pm  West Chester Predators vs (Phila Legends/Phila SC)
9:30pm  Vereinigung Erzgebirge  vs (Parkwood/Ukrainian Nat)

3/24/2023  7:30pm at Bryn Athyn College
Over-30 Cup Final

Over-40 Cup

3/5/2023  at Bryn Athyn College
1:30pm  Ukrainian Nationals vs  West Chester Predators
3:30pm  Vereinigung Erzgebirge vs Phoenix SC

3/12/2023  at Ukrainian Nationals
6:00pm  Ukrainian Nationals  vs  Vereinigung Erzgebirge
8:00pm  West Chester Predators  vs  Phoenix SC

3/19/2023  at Ukrainian Nationals
5:00pm  Ukrainian Nationals  vs  Phoenix SC
7:00pm  Vereinigung Erzgebirge  vs  West Chester Predators

Over-50 Cup

3/26/2023  at Ukrainian Nationals   (FINAL)
4:30pm  Mercer Bucks  vs  Philly Bucks

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US Open Cup 1st Round

Posted 2/5/2023 Ref # 172

UGH 100yr of Soccer Banquet